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Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask

Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask

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Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask

Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Choose Ceoerty™ Green Tea Oil Control Mask to care for clear and balanced skin. Deeply cleanse, tighten pores, bid farewell to acne, and naturally detoxify for a perfectly radiant complexion!

Observe the real enhancements following user application.

“I used to suffer from a significant amount of pimples on my face and was constantly seeking a solution. That was until I discovered this green tea face mask. With daily use, my pimples started to diminish, and my skin became increasingly healthy and smooth. The natural ingredients in the mask give me peace of mind. It not only helped me get rid of the pimples but also provided the essential detoxification and deep cleansing my skin needed. I genuinely recommend this to anyone in pursuit of healthy skin!”

- Aria, 35, New York

“Ever since I started using the Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask, I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin condition. I used to be troubled by large pores, but this mask genuinely delivers on its promise to minimize them! After using it, my skin feels refreshed without being dry, and it truly helps balance the oil production on my face. Every time I rinse it off, I can see my skin texture becoming finer, and a healthy glow returns. I'm so glad I found this product!”

- Lily, 52, London

“I've been long troubled by blackheads on my nose and have tried many methods with little success. However, this mask has given me hope. After each use, I notice a significant reduction in my blackheads, and my skin feels more refreshed and smooth. More importantly, it's formulated with natural ingredients, allowing me to address blackheads without worrying about harming my skin. The healthy glow on my face is gradually returning, and I'm genuinely grateful for the transformation this product has brought to my skin. Thumbs up for Ceoerty™! Highly recommended to everyone!”

- Grace, 33, Los Angeles

Main causes of blackheads and acne

Blackheads and pimples are common skin concerns for many individuals. The primary reasons for their development are clogged pores, excessive oil production, and bacteria. 

Every day, our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. In certain situations, these dead cells might mix with the oil on the skin's surface, leading to clogged pores. When this blockage is at the opening of the pore and gets exposed to air, it can oxidize and turn black, resulting in a blackhead. On the other hand, when the blockage occurs deeper within the pore, it leads to the formation of a pimple.

Furthermore, excessive sebum is another crucial factor. Sebum is produced by the skin's sebaceous glands, and when these glands become overly active, it leads to an overproduction of sebum. This excess oil can mix with dead skin cells, increasing the risk of pore blockage. Lastly, bacteria play a key role in this process. The skin's surface is home to various microorganisms, and among them, certain bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes are harmless under normal conditions. However, when pores become clogged, these bacteria proliferate within the blocked pore, consuming the trapped sebum and producing metabolites. This results in an acidic environment within the pore, leading to redness and inflammation, ultimately forming pimples.

Effective antidote to blackheads and acne - Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask

Using green tea extract, vitamin C, and activated charcoal as the primary natural ingredients, this product can penetrate deep into pores, absorbing and removing excess oil and impurities. It also helps regulate skin's sebum production, maintaining a balanced oil and water content on the face, thereby preventing pore blockages. Green tea extract and vitamin C have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, killing harmful bacteria and reducing skin redness and inflammation caused by them. Additionally, the potent antioxidant properties further promote the skin's natural repair process, helping to diminish skin dullness and brighten the complexion.

Natural Active Ingredients

The antioxidant properties of green tea extract help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, regulating sebum production and reducing excess oils. This, in turn, minimizes the formation of blackheads and pimples. Additionally, it aids in tightening the skin and pores, reducing the accumulation of dirt and oils in the pores, and further decreasing the risk of blackheads and pimples.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from damage by free radicals, helping to prevent clogged pores and skin issues. It also has exfoliating properties, reducing pore blockages. Moreover, Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help reduce skin redness and inflammation associated with the formation of pimples and blackheads.

Activated charcoal's high adsorption capacity allows it to absorb and remove impurities, dirt, and excess oils from the skin, providing a deep cleanse. Through deep cleansing and the removal of blockages, pores appear smaller, contributing to skin tightening and pore reduction.

More satisfied customers

“Once, the acne on my face severely impacted my confidence, making me feel unattractive, but this mask brought about a miracle. It not only deeply cleanses my skin but also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, effectively eliminating my acne. The redness and inflammation on my face have also significantly reduced. After each use, my skin feels fresher, more comfortable, and the healthy glow has returned to my face. This product truly helped me regain my confidence, and I'm proud of my skin now. I highly recommend it to friends who are also struggling with acne!”

- Scarlett, 35, Chicago

“My skin has always been problematic, with recurring acne and persistently enlarged pores. I had almost given up hope until a friend recommended the Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask, which I decided to try. This mask truly brought a pleasant surprise. Not only did it help reduce my pores, but it also effectively removed my acne. After each use, I can feel my skin becoming smoother and more refreshed. This product genuinely brought about a rebirth for my skin, restoring my confidence in its appearance. I love it!”

- Ella, 47, San Francisco

What made you choose Ceoerty™ Green Tea Gentle Cleansing Oil Control Mask?

  • Deep gentle cleansing
  • Minimize pores
  • Remove blackheads and whiteheads
  • Natural ingredients
  • Effectively detoxify and clear skin toxins
  • Hydrate and control oil
  • Balance skin's oil and moisture
  • Flawless smooth complexion
  • Suitable for various skin types
  • Easy to use


Ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Activated Charcoal, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Peppermint, Witch Hazel Extract.

Net weight: 40g

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