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Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light

Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light

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Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light

Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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With the Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light, you can protect your vehicle day and night - environmentally friendly, efficient and worry-free.

Night watchman: Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Light gives drivers a feeling of safety

Jack: "Finding a parking space downtown every day is enough of a headache, and then you have to worry about your car being stolen. Since I installed the Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light, I feel much more reassured when I come back to the parking lot after work and see that flashing light. And best of all, the installation was super easy, took less than a minute."

Lisa: "As a novice driver, I always worry about the safety of my car when it's parked. But since I installed the Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light, it feels like my car has an unstoppable guardian. The flashing light is particularly noticeable at night and reassures me. And it charges itself with solar energy, I even forget that it needs energy."

Revolutionary night watchman: intelligent anti-theft and light detection technology

Precise theft simulation technology: Thanks to its unique design, this warning light precisely simulates the behavior of a real vehicle theft system. It flashes periodically in blue or red and mimics the original security signal of the vehicle in a highly realistic way. This high level of authenticity not only confuses potential thieves, but also fundamentally reduces the risk of your beloved vehicle being stolen or damaged.

Advanced automatic light detection system: The built-in intelligent sensor system automatically adjusts the operating status of the warning light according to the level of ambient light. When there is sufficient light, it automatically goes into sleep mode to save energy, and in darkness or low light, it automatically activates flashing mode. This automatic light detection ensures that the warning light is only activated when required and provides continuous protection at night and in dimly lit environments without the user having to intervene.

Highly efficient energy and ultimate comfort:

Advanced solar technology: Equipped with high-efficiency polycrystalline solar modules that enable fast charging and excellent photovoltaic conversion efficiency. A single charge provides more than ten days of operation, with additional USB emergency charging function to ensure continuous operation.

Easy installation design: User-friendly design with strong double-sided adhesive tape for quick attachment to all smooth surfaces. Quick installation process, no professional tools required.

High-quality components and protection: High-brightness chips combined with waterproof and moisture-proof function ensure stable performance in all environments and significantly improve road safety.

Real customer reviews: Testimonials about theCeoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light

Robert: "I love going camping with my family at the weekend, but I was always worried when the car was outside at night. Since we've had the Ceoerty™ warning light, I can sleep peacefully at night. The simulated theft flashing gives me the feeling that our car has a 24-hour guard."

Amy: "I don't have a garage, so I always have to park my car on the side of the road. I used to worry at night. But since I installed the Ceoerty™ anti-theft light, I feel much safer. It charges with solar power, which is super easy, and lights up by itself at night as if to say 'don't worry, I'm watching'. Now, when I go for a walk in the evening and see that flashing light, I know my car is safe."

10 reasons to choose the Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light:

  • Advanced solar technology: Efficient charging, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
  • Intelligent theft simulation: Effective to confuse potential thieves and improve security.
  • Automatic light detection: Ambient light automatically controls switching on and off, energy-saving and convenient.
  • Easy installation: Quick and easy, no professional tools required.
  • Water and moisture resistant design: Works stably under various weather conditions.
  • USB emergency charging: Continuous function even on rainy days.
  • Long-term operation: One charge lasts more than ten days.
  • High-brightness LEDs: Improves visibility and warning effect at night.
  • Multiple color options: Personalized choice between blue or red light.
  • Quality guarantee: Reliability and quality promise of the Ceoerty™ brand.

Product parameters
Dynamic, streamlined designs increase the level effect, from standard to premium equipment.

  • Name: Ceoerty™ Smart Anti-theft Solar Warning Light
  • Light color: Blue/Red
  • Function: Intelligent sensors, automatic flashing at night
  • Energy source: Solar
  • Size: 5*2.5cm
  • Effect: Simulated theft flashing, approximately every 5 seconds.
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