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Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device

Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device

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Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device

Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device

Regular price $34.97
Regular price $34.97 Sale price
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Bid goodbye to neck discomfort and hello to improved well-being with Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device! Experience the difference in your overall health today!

“I am really afraid of any medical treatment - that's why when I experience this swollen neck hump, I almost give up and ignore my condition. I am so grateful that I found Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device. After months of using it, I am now in a good state of my health and my neck looks and feels much better. I can swear that this product is more than just a gimmick.” - Patricia Holm, Texas

"I used to be overweight and using Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device for weeks, I noticed a reduction of water in my stomach without diet or even exercise! I feel like a completely different person now. I feel healthier & I’m stronger than I ever thought I was! All thanks to this device! Highly recommended!” - Jeffrey Jones, Las Vegas

Why do we experience neck & shoulder strain?

Neck and shoulder strain can be the result of multiple factors. Poor posture, particularly during prolonged periods of sitting or standing, engaging in overuse or repetitive movements. Moreover, a lack of physical activity can result in poor blood circulation which leads to waste and toxin buildup in the body, weakening immunity and leads to a wide variety of health issues affecting our lymphatic system.

Our lymphatic system is a complex network composed of tissues and organs in the human body, aimed at clearing waste, toxins, excess fat, and other harmful substances. Lymph nodes are tiny organs distributed throughout the body, which aid in filtering lymphatic fluid to help eliminate waste, break down fats, and toxins.  

Introducing the revolutionary Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device: Your Ultimate Solution for Targeted Neck Lymphatic Therapy!

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this device is designed to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling, and relieve tension in the neck area. Compact and portable, it offers convenience and versatility, allowing you to enjoy lymphatic therapy anytime, anywhere. With adjustable settings and gentle yet effective vibrations, it provides a soothing and rejuvenating experience for your neck muscles and lymphatic system.

How does Ultrasound work?

Ultrasound is a type of high-frequency mechanical wave widely used in the medical field for diagnosis and treatment. Ultrasound can penetrate human tissue, directly impacting deep-seated tissues, generating thermal effects and micro-vibrations, thereby alleviating pain, promoting blood circulation, and accelerating tissue repair.

Ultrasound's thermal effects are extensively utilized to treat swelling of muscles, joints, and ligaments. Its thermal effects help alleviate muscle pain and chronic inflammation while promoting fluid flow in tissues, accelerating the repair of damaged tissues, and resisting infection.

In non-surgical treatments, ultrasound can exert pressure on fat cells, causing them to break down into a liquid state, which is then expelled from the body, thereby achieving the goal of eliminating toxins and reducing localized fat.

The Effect of Ultrasound on Blood Circulation

Ceoerty™ LymphCare Device emits waves that aid in improving blood circulation, allowing blood to flow smoothly to organs and tissues throughout the body. It can dissolve vascular blockages and abnormalities (such as plaques or clots), thereby promoting normal blood circulation.

Ultrasound Prevents Lymphatic Blockages

Ultrasound can enhance the function of the lymphatic system, increasing the efficiency of lymphatic drainage. This enables the lymphatic system to expel fluids carrying cellular by-products and other waste more rapidly and effectively, facilitating the detoxification process in the body.

Here are some of our happy customers:

“As someone with poor blood circulation, I can confidently say after a month of continuous use, Ceoerty™ LymphCare Device has been incredibly helpful to me. My tummy is back into its normal state and I absolutely haven't changed my eating habits! Amazing product!I will absolutely recommend this to everyone I know!!" - Angelita Turner

“I've been using Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device on my neck and I am so happy with the results. The device has provided me with much-needed relief from swelling and discomfort. It really subsided the inflammation of my neck hump and I feeI confident now going out in public. This is an effective solution for improving their lymphatic health, especially for those with swelling neck like me.” - Matthew Padilla

What makes Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device your GREAT choice?

✅Ultrasound Pulse Therapy

✅Eliminate neck & shoulder pain

✅Reduces Fatigue

✅Improve blood circulation

✅Painless Operation

✅Your own in-home Chiropractor

Prevent Lymph Node Blockage

✅Non-Invasive & No Side Effects

✅Stress Reliever

✅Portable & Lightweight

✅Suitable for All Ages


  • Material: ABS
  • Rated Power: USB Charging

How to use:

  1. Wash and clean the skin before using the device.
  2. Gently put the device on your neck and choose the level of intensity according to your needs.
  3. Use at least 15 mins daily for best results.


  • 1 x  Ceoerty™ LymphCare Neck Therapy Device
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