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Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

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Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

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Indulge in a luxurious bath and let the power of ginger rejuvenate and detoxify your lymphs! Take a look at these recovery stories from our happy customers using our Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts.


“When I noticed the swollen lump in my armpit, I just ignored it because I’m afraid of surgeries. I am so grateful that I found this Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts and to my surprise, it did heal my armpit lump after weeks of use! I am now in a good state of my health and I feel so comfortable wearing any clothes. I highly recommend this bath salts to anyone who has the same case like me and those who have lymphatic problems.” - Amy Parsons, Spain

"I used to be overweight and this is when I got Ceoerty™ LymphTox. After a month, I noticed a reduction of water on my stomach without diet or even exercise! I feel healthier now that my lymphs are working and great. All thanks to this Bath Scrub Salts!” - Tina Smith, USA

Understanding our Lymphatic System - how does it work?

The lymphatic system is responsible for filtering all of those nasty things out of your bloodstream so they don't end up in your vital organs. A network of tissues and organs in the body that aids in the removal of waste products, poisons, extra fats, and other undesired substances.

The lymphatic system maintains fluid levels in your body, absorbs fats from the digestive tract, protects your body against foreign invaders and transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph. Lymphatic blockage, which can also be brought on by waste and toxin accumulation, decreased immunity, and genetic anomalies of the lymphatic channels, can result in primary lymphedema.

Relieve Swelling and Draw Out Toxins from the Body with the Optimum Remedy: Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts!

Ceoerty™ LymphTox is a gentle way to detoxify your lymphatic system, increasing the flow of lymph fluid in the body and improving its ability to fight against infection. It's also a great way to reduce swelling, increase blood circulation, and even clear up acne. It is formulated from the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. It cleanses, detoxifies, and nourishes your skin while helping you release toxins from your lymphatic system. Crafted with only natural ingredients, nothing artificial ever touches your skin - so there's no need to worry about allergies or other reactions when using these bath scrub salts.

Formulated with Key Ingredients for a Healthier Lymphatic System:

Sea Salt contains minerals and trace elements that are beneficial for your body and can help improve the appearance of your skin. This can also be used as part of a daily skincare routine to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Its exfoliating properties will help remove dead skin cells that clog pores and help our lymph nodes have a good circulation.

Ginger Oil is extracted from the root of the ginger plant and is used as a natural remedy for many skin conditions, including dryness, inflammation, and redness. It contains active compounds called gingerols, shoals, and gingerdiones which are rich with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help stimulate the body's natural cleansing and detoxifying process by eliminating waste and toxins. It also contains antiseptic properties that can prevent future buildup of bacteria to keep your body healthy in the long term.

Let’s hear more recovery stories from our happy customers:

“My swollen legs are a thing in the past now. I got an absolute change in my body & I even kept my usual eating habits because ofCeoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts. I highly recommend this especially for those who are too busy going to the gym or have no time to indulge themselves to diet. I can finally wear that pair of jeans that was abandoned in my closet. I just can’t thank you enough!” - Ida Lovell

“I used to feel super insecure about my body because of my huge belly. I have been incorporating Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts in my bath for about 8 weeks now and this turned my tummy back into its normal state and I absolutely haven't changed my eating habits! I will absolutely recommend this to everyone I know!!" -Nicole Wilson

What Makes Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts Special?

✓ Helps reduce swelling and inflammation

✓ Increases circulation and blood flow to the skin

✓ Improves lymphatic drainage and detoxification

✓ Purifies the body from toxins

✓ Non Abrasive formula

✓ Enhance the health of your skin

✓ Gently exfoliates skin to remove dead cells and dirt

✓ Allows you to feel more refreshed and relaxed after each use

✓ Deeply moisturizing the skin so it feels soft and supple

✓ Helps with weight loss by reducing cellulite and making your skin smooth and tight

✓ Can be used on the body or face, depending on your needs and preferences

✓ Suitable for all skin types


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Ginger Oil

Net weight: 80 grams


  1. Fill your tub with warm water and add a generous amount of the scrub salts. The more salt you add, the more detoxifying effect it will have on your lymph nodes.
  2. Soak for 20 minutes or longer to allow the salt to work its magic on your body.
  3. Use the gloves to scrub and massage the areas in your body for about 15 - 30 minutes.
  4. When you're done soaking and scrubbing, rinse off with warm water and towel dry before getting dressed.
  5. Use regularly to achieve the best result.

Product Includes:

1 x Ceoerty™ LymphTox Ginger Bath Scrub Salts

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